In my last TAFE class, I discovered a nifty way to make synths and pads out of pretty much any sample or audio snippet in Ableton Live. I'm using Ableton Live 9.7.1, but you should still be able to use this technique using Ableton Live Lite and other maybe even other DAWs.

There's a video tutorial below, but it basically boils down to:

  1. Drop a sample into Simpler.
  2. Select (a tiny and arbitrary) portion of the sample.
  3. Turn off 'Warp' mode in the Simpler.
  4. Turn on 'Loop' mode.
  5. Turn the fade value up so you don't hear any clicks when.
  6. Tweak ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release) settings, filter settings and anyt other settings to taste.
  7. Tune the resulting instrument using the 'Tuner' in the audio effects category.

Video Tutorial

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