Music Productions Basics with Ableton Live

Update: Missed the workshop? Check out the presentation slides

With the assistance of the Macquarie University Musicians Society, I'll be running a free workshop on the basics of music production using Ableton Live.  So come on through and start making some dope songs!

Ableton Live is a piece of software that allows you to produce tracks from start to finish. It's what Flume uses to make his dope beats. Don't like EDM/Flume? No worries — Ableton Live can be used to produce all kinds of music.

Topics Covered:

  • The basic layout of Ableton Live and what it's used for
  • Recording and working with audio
  • Playing virtual instruments using MIDI
  • Using hardware to perform and record music

If you're at all interested in making music, or a budding producer/beatmaker, come along!

When and Where?

The details can be found on the Facebook event page for the workshop, but here is a copy of the basic info as well:

Date: Tuesday April 10th, 2018
Time: 5pm
Place: Macquarie University 4 Western Road (W5C) Room 309
Bring: A laptop and headphones if you can